Vision Exams that are anything but routine

Smyrna Eye Group incorporates the latest technology to offer you annual vision exams that are anything but routine.

Our IWellness exam goes beyond the routine by scanning the deep layers of the retina to detect early signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration or other eye conditions that could be hidden in a routine dilated exam.

The best news is that the IWellness exams gives you the benefits of a dilated eye exam and more without the need for dilation.

IWellness exam is available for an additional fee of $45 at the time of your annual vision exam.

Elite Preventative
Diabetic Eye Care

Helping you control your diabetes instead of having it control you.

Smyrna Eye Group incorporates ERG technology to monitor your eye health if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

ERG is basically a stress test for your eyes, similar in nature to the way an EKG is a stress test for your heart.

Until recently this technology was only available in university medical settings.

Now Smyrna Eye Group offers testing that helps you monitor the stress that diabetes is putting on your eyes, so that you can understand how effective your treatment is.