Frames Satisfaction Policy

Wow, you look great in those new glasses! We are very pleased that you chose to get your new eyeglasses from Smyrna Eye Group. While this marks the completion of your selection and order process, this is just the beginning of our Spectacle Satisfaction Policy. We promise to do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction with your eyewear.

We partner with most major vision insurance plans. These vision plans have their own policies concerning warranties, remakes, etc. Please ask us if you have any questions concerning your vision insurance provider’s frame & lens policies.

If you do not have vision insurance, we offer:

  • Frames: A one (1) year, one (1) time replacement of any frame that cannot be repaired by our optician if the frame defect is in accordance with normal wear and tear
  • Lenses: A one (1) month, one (1) time replacement to fix a manufacturer’s defect or exchange the lenses to another lens design of equal or lesser value (due to a patient’s non-adaptation or change in prescription) Note: The Spectacle Satisfaction Policy does not cover damage or defects resulting from accident, theft, loss, or events not considered normal wear and tear.

We offer free lifetime adjustments on eyewear purchased at Smyrna Eye Group.

We recognize that adjusting to new eyeglasses, especially progressive and bifocal lenses, can take time. We recommend that all patients wear their new eyeglasses as much as possible in the first week after receiving them. If you are experiencing any problems, our opticians will work with you to ensure this adaptation period goes smoothly. We will make any necessary adjustments to help you see in the manner the lenses are designed to work. We understand that sometimes things don’t always work out like we had planned. If you are unable to adapt or are unsatisfied in any way with your eyeglass lenses after working with the opticians, we offer, within thirty (30) days, to exchange the lenses for lenses of equal or lesser value. NOTE: NO REFUND ON THE ORIGINAL PRICE OF LENSES WILL BE MADE.

We offer a broad selection of frames at Smyrna Eye Group. If you don’t see something you want or have something specific in mind, we are happy to order a frame for you. If you decide not to purchase your special-order frame, THERE IS A $50 RESTOCKING FEE. WE ARE UNABLE TO OFFER A RETURN OR EXCHANGE OF FRAMES AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN ORDERED.

Prescription lenses are made custom to each patient’s specific prescription parameters. Therefore, prescription lenses cannot be cancelled or changed once payment the lenses have been ordered from the lab.

Thanks again for entrusting Smyrna Eye Group with the selection and care of your eyewear. We hope you enjoy your new eyewear and that they help you to look and see better. Please know that we are here to make sure your new eyewear performs and fits as it should and lasts for many times of wear.

Contact Lens Satisfaction Policy

Smyrna Eye Group thanks you for purchasing your past contact lenses from our office. We hope you enjoy your new contact lenses. We recommend that all patients wear their new contact lenses as much as possible for the first week after receiving them. We want to ensure the contact lenses are fitting properly, are comfortable to wear and that your vision is as you expect and need.

However, we understand that things don’t always work out like we had planned. Therefore, we have in place the following Contact Lens Satisfaction and Return Policy.

Patients can return and/or exchange purchased contact lens materials which were originally purchased from Smyrna Eye Group.

The product being returned and/or exchanged must have been purchased within the past one hundred and eighty (180) days.

The product being returned and/or exchanged must meet all the following criteria:

  • All products must be in their original packaging and be un-opened.
  • All packaging must be free of any physical damage.
  • All packaging must be free of any written markings.
  • All products must not have exceeded their expiration date.

Any custom ordered contacts are non-returnable. Custom ordered contacts are:

  • Colored, cosmetic contacts
  • Scleral lenses
  • Hybrid lenses
  • RGP lenses
  • Custom soft toric lenses
  • Custom soft multifocal lenses
  • Custom soft multifocal toric lenses

If you are having any vision or comfort issues with your contact lenses, we want to know. We will get you scheduled with your eye doctor to work on fixing the problem. Your Contact Lens Evaluation fee covers you for any return follow-up visits, related to your contact lens prescription and/or fitting of your contact lenses, within the first ninety (90) days from the time you were charged this fee. After such time, you may be charged for another Contact Lens Evaluation fee. Any eye health issues which arise from your wear of contact lenses (such as red eyes, pain, light sensitivity, etc.) will be billed as a medical office visit towards your health insurance. All co-pays and/or deductibles will apply.

Any returned and/or exchanged product may be used as credit towards the purchase of any ophthalmic materials (new contact lenses, frames, prescription lenses or plano sunglasses) at Smyrna Eye Group.