Contact Lens Satisfaction and Return Policy

Smyrna Eye Group, P.C.
Contact Lens Satisfaction & Return Policy

Smyrna Eye Group thanks you for purchasing your past contact lens materials from our office.

We understand that your contact lens prescription may have changed, or your wearing habits, since your last visit. Therefore, we have in place the following Contact Lens Satisfaction and Return Policy.

  1. Smyrna Eye Group will allow patients to exchange and/or return previously purchased contact lens product, as long as the product was originally purchased at Smyrna Eye Group.
  2. The returned product must have been purchased from Smyrna Eye Group within the past three hundred sixty-five (365) calendar days.
  3. The returned product must meet all of the following criteria:
    • All packaging must be unopened
    • All packaging must be free of any physical damage or writing
    • All packaging must not have exceeded its expiration date

The returned product may be used as credit towards the purchase of any ophthalmic materials (new contact lenses, prescription glasses or plano sungalsses) at Smyrna Eye Group.